Frequently asked questions about SEO companies.

Why are your rates so low if you are the best at Internet Marketing / SEO?

I have been fortunate enough to have a very successful career. To become the largest Lotus Notes user community, I built from an online help desk to become the largest Lotus Notes user community. This morphed into a marketing company, with the help of IBM, that worked with Lotus and IBM vendors to help them market their products. Once this company was sold, Microsoft approached us with a large six-figure investment to build the same type of marketing company to help their retailers grow their businesses through Internet marketing. I was fortunate again to sell this company and retire at 50.

Why are your SEO Optimization Techniques Successful While Others are Not?

Our SEO techniques are straightforward and mechanical to implement but require a considerable investment in time for research. We optimize our client's home pages weekly (never done in the industry) and the rest of the site monthly. This continual update process is attractive to the search engines as they see the sites constantly updated. It also makes sure that our keywords are continually optimized.

Can Small Companies Compete with Large Companies on the Web?

It is a common misconception that small sites cannot rank well on search engines. I have seen many small companies outperform large companies on Google. For example, we helped a one-woman law firm with her SEO. When they were hired by the largest law firm in town, that company's most common question was, "how did your small company get listed on Google above ours?"

Tips about SEO

  •   Choosing the Right Keywords
  •    How to Use Keywords
  •    Bad Practices by Constultants
  •    Your Title Tag

Introduction to search engine optimiZation

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Few web designers understand seo

Asking a web designer to understand SEO is like asking a Pediatrician about heart surgery. They are different animals. It is hard enough to keep track of all the new technology for good web design. In the same way, most Internet Marketing professionals can code HTML but are not as technically skilled as Web designers.

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