Why Choose Our Temecula Search Engine Optimization Companies

The most critical issue when selecting a Temecula internet marketing / Search Engine Optimization Marketing professional is prior success. Most web designers offer these services yet rarely will these techs have the skills for search engine optimization. My success with providing internet marketing for Fortune 100 technology businesses allowed me to retire and sell my company at the age of 50.

COST is Another consideration. TemeculaSEO offers fees that are 1/10th the prices that other Temecula marketing professionals offer. When we worked for the Fortune 100 companies, we charged $200 an hour for the same services. Our fees are as follows:

Search Engine Optimization and Support. Each month we do a large number of activities. First is page optimization. We typically work on a site's home page twice a month and other pages once a month including both keyword optimization and keyword density. We check for technical issues with your code like HTML errors and CSS errors and broken links. We proof for duplicate content. We then move on to site popularity and link building. Site popularity is determined by counting the number of links posted on other sites pointing to your site. At the end of every month we will provide you a report to show your progress with traffic to your site and Google keyword rank.

Our Standards:

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David works with clients on all aspects of their internet marketing including new ideas that are not part of the original agreement. We are commited to helping our clients build their businesses!!!

We never ask for a contract as other SEO vendors require. We feel that if our customer is not satisfied with our work, for any reason, they should be allowed to walk away as a friend.

Our Commitment to Customer Service Makes all the Difference. We understand your concerns and we'll work together to make your website the best it can be.

Video is very powerful for SEO

Link building with Video

Google uses site popularity to determine how important your site is relative to all other sites in a search. Google looks at the number and quality of links to your site to determine your site's importance for their search engine. This is where press releases and videos are important. There are many web sites that accept videos from anyone. When you post a video, there is always a description box where you can include a link to your site. For example, if you load five videos to sites like YouTube.com you will have five links to your site, therein strengthening your rank in a prospective visitor search.

Temecula internet marketing and search engine optimization companies.
Google+ and Yelp

Google+ and Yelp are very important ways to get ranked at the top of a search of the most important keywords for your site. This is especially important to local businesses as Google often posts maps with vendor's names and web sites at the top of each keyword listing. TemeculaSEO will work closely with you to help build these important tools.

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Publishing is Very Important

We ask our clients to write a press release every month. We publish press releases to 100 news related web sites. Often clients think it is hard to write a press release but we work with them till they find this process quite easy. These articles include a resource box that has a link back to the client. These links are critical in building Google Rank and appearing high in search results.

Get your vendors to post links

All incoming links are important for Google Rank. The easiest links to get are one way links from your vendors. They are more than happy to cooperate knowing that they need to service their clients.

Temecula SEO offers Murrieta SEO and Temecula search optimization.¬†We pride ourselves on connecting businesses with their customers. Call us today and get noticed!