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Why Choose Us

The most important criteria for choosing an SEO / Internet Marketing professional is prior success. Most every web designer offer SEO services yet FEW people that offer SEO actually understand how to optimize. My success with SEO marketing allowed me to retire at the age of 50.

Another important consideration is COST. We offer the best prices for monthly SEO support. It is 1/10th of the rate that I charged for my prior fortune 100 clients. Our price structure is as follows:

$600 per month for SEO support. We will optimize the home page the first month and one additional page each following month. This will include page optimization as well as work on your Google Rank and site popularity. Site popularity is determined by counting the number of links posted on other sites pointing to your site. At the end of every month we will provide you a report to show your progress from month to month.

Our standards

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David works with clients on all aspects of their internet marketing including new ideas that are not part of the original agreement. We are commited to helping our clients build their businesses!!!

We never ask for a contract as other SEO vendors require. We feel that if our customer is not satisfied with our work, for any reason, they should be allowed to walk away as a friend.

Video is very powerful for SEO

Link building with Video

Google Rank is a popularity contest that looks at the number of incoming links to determine how important your web site is to the search engine. There are many web sites that accept videos from anyone. When you post a video, there is always a description box where you can include a link to your site. Therefore, if your videos are included in 5 video sites (like YouTube.com) you will have 5 new incoming links to your site.

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This method expands your marketing reach in interesting ways. Besides link building, you will also get new prospective visitors to your site if your video is targeted at the goods and services your company offers. These people have already spent time looking at your video so there is a good chance they are high value leads.

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Publishing is Very Important

We ask our clients to write an article every month. We use this article to submit to 80 different web sites. Each time we publish the article we change 100 words to make sure every site looks like it has a unique article. These articles include a resource box that has a link back to the client. These links are critical in building Google Rank.

Get your vendors to post links

All incoming links are important for Google Rank. The easiest links to get are one way links from your vendors. They are more than happy to cooperate knowing that they need to service their clients.

TemeculaSEO offers low cost Temecula internet marketing. We also work in Murrieta SEO and Temecula Internet Marketing.