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    Before I retired at the age of 50, I worked with Fortune 100 tech companies. Now my rates
    are one-tenth as much.

  • Best Results

    Temecula Internet marketing

    Web site builders are notoriously GOOD web designers but rarely can they implement successful
    SEO campaigns.

  • Best Pay Per Click

    The best SEO Temecula California company of all.  We recommend him highly.

    Pay per click is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for most businesses. Yelp often charges over $25 per click. Call me to
    learn how to better use
    your online budget.


Why Use us for SEO?

So you now have a web site but your phone isn't ringing. Why? What is wrong? You may have tried to use SEO in the past but got lowsy results and it costs too much -- often costing over $3500.

Our competitors typically required six to twelve month commitment. Our costs are typically 1/10th that of other SEO professionals as I am retired (with 20 years of experiance). Nor do we ask for contracts.


Small Business Benefits

Most people mistakenly believe that small sites can't get top rankings on Google. My clients often out perform large corporations on the search engines. We worked with a one woman law firm that became #1 on her top keyword in three months. When she joined the largest law firm in town, that company's most pressing question was "how did your small company consistently get listed on Google over ours?"


Many people new to the internet think that all they have to do is create a new web site for their business and people will flock to their door. Maybe that can happen in Hollywood movies but not in real life.

The Internet has grown HUGE as has Google, the #1 search engine. It has become critical for business success to be ranked in the top three slots on Google which is getting harder and harder to do. Many companies work hard and can spend a pile of money on a great website but, without strong Google SEO skills, no one ever gets to see the site. Most Murrieta SEO consultants charge HUGE service fees but few small companies can afford them. Fortunately, Temecula SEO is affordable with 25 years of experience with internet marketing. As you can see by this site's Google rank, we will “out-rank” the biggest and most expensive SEO Murrieta and SEO Temecula companies in town.

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