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    Before retiring, I provided Internet Marketing for large high tech companies. Now
    my rates are far less than my competitors.

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    Web designers are typically very good web designers but rarely do they really understand SEO. Get help
    from a successful professional.

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    Pay per click can be very expensive if you don't control your cost per click. If maximizing your advertising
    budget is important, call me!


Why Choose Our Service?

The search engines have your site buried so no one is clicking. You may have looked into using a search engine optimization company but learned that it is too expensive -- typically costing over $3500 with a required six month commitment. Our costs are typically 1/10th that of other SEO professionals and we do not ask for contracts. Because I am retired, I am not motivated to burden your budget with expensive, long term commitments. It is not my goal to be the top earning specialist. I am interested in being the best performing specialist. With 20 years of SEO experience, I have more to offer than others and you can spend less!


How can usingOur Service benefit your business?

Companies that have TOP 10 listings for Google, Yahoo and MSN get HUGE returns. They benefit from millions of people doing daily searches for their products and services. Internet marketing provides the lowest cost advertising available through well ranked search engine links to your site. Let us bring your site into the high ranks of the single most prominent utility for connecting with your target audience online. It's the easiest and best thing you can do to enhance the marketability of your business. If you need San Diego, Riverside, Orange County or any other part of California SEO, contact us today.


What is the Benefit for Small Business?

It is a common misconception that small sites are unable to get good ranking on the search engines. I have seen many small companies out perform large companies on Google. For example, we helped a one-woman law firm with their SEO Temecula. When she was hired by the largest law firm in town, that company's most pressing question was "how did your small company get listed on Google above ours?" With the proper attention and expertise for your website, your small business can beat out big businesses too.


Small businesses need to be seen. In order for the market to grow, small businesses need to be given the chance to succeed. If big corporations and spammer sites are dominating the internet, then these local businesses can’t put themselves out there. We believe your customers are looking for you, but if you aren’t showing up on Google, then they aren’t finding you! What makes us different from other Internet Marketing companies is that we genuinely want people to be able to search for services on Google and find exactly what they want and need, and not have to sift through “spammy” and untrustworthy sites.

What also makes us so different from our competitors is our approach to obtaining top 10 results. We do not participate in linking schemes or bad practices. We strive for real and long-term results. We understand your dedication and passion for your business, and we strive and push forward with you.

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