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Why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

The search engines have your site buried, so no one is clicking. You may have looked into using a search engine optimization company but learned that it is too expensive -- typically costing over $3500 with a required one-year commitment.

small business search engine optimization

It is a common misconception that small business sites cannot rank well on search engines.I have seen many small companies outperform large companies on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For example, we helped a one-woman law firm with their SEO. They were hired from their small firm by the largest law firm in town. That company's most pressing question of her was, "how did your company get listed on Google above ours?"

Since I have already sold two companies, I am now trying to give back by helping small businesses be successful with the least expensive advertising available using web marketing. I am open about what I do and post SEO tips for those who are technical enough and have enough time to implement them. Test the waters with little risk. Call today! You will be excited about the results!

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